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Alcon Partners works closely with middle market and lower middle market private equity firms sourcing highly qualified investment and buyout opportunities.

Private Equity Deal Sourcing | Navatar deal sourcing private equity
The global private equity (PE) industry is continuing to outperform other asset classes, but at the same time, it is being buffeted by a changing environment.

Private Equity Deal Sourcing - Alcon Partners
Private equity (PE) has gained a great amount of influence in todays financial marketplace, but few people actually understand the ins and outs of the industry.

Private Equity in Uganda: An Insight on Deal Sourcing
Deal sourcing or deal origination is a term used by finance professionals such as private equity investors and investment bankers to describe the process …

Our Deal Sourcing Process in 6 steps
Take Full Control. Navatar is the technology that simplifies the challenges and complexities of private equity deal sourcing. From the cloud, we help you find, identify and nurture your most important sources of deal flow using proven built-in, customizable workflows.

Private Equity Deal Sourcing | Navatar
Symmetrical works closely with middle market private equity firms and family offices who are seeking highly qualified investment and buyout opportunities.

Private equity deal sourcing | Intralinks
Deal sourcing is the first stage of the PE value chain. It is often the most important stage for generating a competitive advantage and still very much a human endeavor—there is no algorithm or digital process that can source winning investments.

A Two-Pronged Approach To Sourcing More Private Equity Deals
Sourcing investment opportunities can be a difficult task, especially in a world awash in capital and competition. Deal sourcing and deal origination are necessary skills for private equity (PE) firms that want to close more deals and differentiate themselves.

Private Equity Deal Sourcing – Symmetrical Investments
Deal sourcing refers to the process through which financiers such as investment bankers, private equity firms, family offices, business owners, strategic buyers and advisors are able to discover, evaluate and potentially select various business opportunities including sell-side listings and buy-side mandates.

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